Cisco Implant Raspberry Controlled Operations


Designed under Raspberry Pi and aimed for Red Team Ops, we take advantage of “Sec/Net/Dev/Ops” enterprise tools to capture network credentials in a stealth mode.
Using a low profile hardware & electronics camouflaged as simple network outlet box to be sitting under/over a desk.
CIRCO include different techniques for network data exfiltration to avoid detection.
This tool gather information and use a combination of honeypots to trick Automation Systems to give us their network credentials!

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NOTICE: Upcoming Demo at Code Blue Bluebox 2019 (October 29th & 30th)
Code Blue Bluebox
Also Demo at AV Tokyo HIVE 2019 (November 2nd)
You can download CIRCO for free from the Github page.

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You are welcome to raise a GitHub PR or reach via your prefer method for any questions or feedback